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It all began in 2010. My family and I were living abroad in the Virgin Islands, and then we moved from there back to Lake Tahoe. After a lot of research, I found the best price I could for the move. It involved me palletizing all of my belongings in boxes and cartons, shrink-wrapping it all pallet by pallet inside a container, then closing the doors and saying ‘See you later’ to all our worldly possessions.

What transpired from that point once our container landed in the US turned into a nightmare. We got screwed. We trusted people to do what they said, when they said and they did not. First, the company we had chosen to do business with had NO integrity, took apart all of our pallets, and mixed our belongings with a lot of other belongings from others. The promised time of 2 weeks turned into 2 and half months! But the worst part, aside from the stuff we did get which had been smashed, broken, crammed , stepped on and abused was that we did NOT get about 40 of our boxes, including antiques, tools, liquors, collectibles.  We did however end up with someone else’s medical files, another person’s personal kitchen belongings and some other boxes with stuff from yet another party that was clearly ‘personal’ in nature. 

That was not even to mention that the driver and the company were running some scam and even tried to work me for more money before he would unload our stuff and threatened to drive off with our stuff if we did not pay. I refused. That day was the last time I talked to the actual owner of the company. Repeated calls after receiving the delivery of a garage full of boxes we were unpacking to this company, to file a claim, to begin returning others’ belongings and to reclaim ours, grew less and less productive- as the owner was ‘no longer available' and no-one else could do anything. Eventually, the company turned it’s phone off and closed it’s doors and fled. I pursued the owner, but to no avail.

I decided at that point to learn everything I could as quickly as possible in and around the shipping business so that people, customers, actually could deal with a company of integrity - and that they be left with an experience of having been truly taken care of. That’s the birth of Go123Logistics.

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